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In order to contribute to the improvement of the quality, effectiveness and access to education MEA aims to expand partnerships to support schools, teachers and parents development by providing various services responsive to the their needs and demands.




·Offer community-based open school standards and self-assessment to schools and assist in their implementation.

·Develop and disseminate books and handbooks to improve teachers’ professional skills, teaching methodology, teaching quality, and content.

·Organize teacher training and upgrade the knowledge and skills of teacher-trainers.

·Organize activities such as lectures and trainings for parents and the public to help them to improve their attention, care, attitude, and thinking.

·Initiate and implement new ideas and projects within the programs framework and strengthen the partnerships.


The program aims to promote a school-based approach of education reform. We feel proud that our past 15 years of work have supported bottom-up initiatives to change the school learning environment and increase participation in school management. These initiatives have significantly contributed to the implementation of many education policies. The main activities of the program are school-based, professional development trainings for teachers, school principals, and education managers. There are also activities on the development and dissemination of learning materials. There are over 30 trainers that are certified as national trainers by both the Ministry of Education and the Mongolian Education Alliance. They have been delivering training on the areas of school reform, teacher development, and curriculum development. They are people who are committed and willing to share the information, knowledge, and experiences they have gained.


Advantages of our training:


·Based on internationally aligned curriculum, teaching technology, and new practices and observations.

·Reflects the needs of participants, delivered on the job with low trainee and trainer ratio

·Based on participatory approach

·Practical and applied learning content

·Follow-up feedback and mentoring are encouraged

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