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The Debate and Speech Education program has existed as a network of the Open Society Foundation since 1997. Besides implementing debate and speech education activities, we have been expanding the program through different projects and activities for youth and adolescences. The program reaches about 100 secondary schools across Mongolia and contributes to the development, participation and education of young people.


The Debate and Speech Education program aims to equip children with continuous and active learning skills for today’s rapidly changing environment. The program promotes the development of skills such as: debating, reading, writing, presenting, analyzing, critical thinking, active listening, note-taking, overall communication, and team work skills for children and youth.


The "Student paper” program is designed for mid and upper secondary students, and focuses on the development of student participation. This is to encourage children to become active citizens of our democratic society. The main feature of the program is to have students engage and organize all the publishing activities on their own without any interventions and control by school management and teachers.




·Over 10 years’ experience of implementing program for children development and participation

·Substantial and stable types of activities, content, and methodology

·Increasing annual number of program participants

·Collaboration and assistance from many international and national organizations

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