Үйл ажиллагааны чиглэл

The program aims to support pre and primary education reform by implementing child-centered methodologies and learning environments. By doing this, the program develops children into active citizens and life-long learners. It also promotes the involvement of families, communities, and the general public in the process of early childhood development.


The Step by Step program focuses the development of 0 to10-year-old children and their families. It is a network program and MEA is a member of the International Step by Step Association (ISSA). ISSA has 29 member countries. In Mongolia, the SBS program collaborates with about 100 primary classrooms in general education schools. There is a total of 520 teachers, 26 teacher-trainers, 13,560 children in 450 kindergarten classrooms, and their parents.


Principles and values:


·Child-centered teaching methodology

·Provides for individual needs and characters

·Teaching and development activities based on children’s choices and interests

·Appropriate learning environment

·Child development methodology from 0 to 10-years-old

·Involvement of families and communities


The program encourages children to become active citizens who understand and respect democratic principles and values. It teaches children to express themselves freely, make independent choices, and to be accountable. Additionally, the program ensures that the children become respectful, honest, hardworking, and responsive. It aims to help children obtain knowledge and learn communication and independent learning skills.


The Step by Step program ensures the greater inclusion of family and community participation in children's development and learning. It also emphasizes the individual needs and interests of children and embraces diverse cultures and customs.

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