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Organizations have their own view of what inclusion means. MEA defines it as the following and implements its activities according these principles:


·Every child is different, and this is normal and valuable.

·All children are encouraged to learn and develop through their individual needs.

·Each child has an equal right to education

·Education should be flexible and schools should be responsive to children’s needs and interests.


Inclusion mainly implies children from vulnerable part of the society. The vulnerable members of the society include disabled children, national minority children, poor and migrant family children, and children with learning disabilities.


Since 2006, the Mongolian Education Alliance has been implementing and conducting activities and research projects to support the education of vulnerable children. This includes children marginalized from social services, children who cannot enroll in school, and particularly children with disabilities.


Education of children and youth with hearing impairments


We implemented a project which aimed to improve the educational services and life opportunities for individuals who are deaf or hard-of-hearing for 2006-2012 in collaboration with the special schools for hearing impaired children. The project activities included teaching and dissemination of sign languages, and providing methodological support to schools and teachers. Over 1400 children with hearing impairments, their parents, and teachers from Ulaanbaatar and 6 aimags have benefited from the project.


Furthermore, we plan to expand our activities to children marginalized from social services, particularly children with disabilities in Darkhan-Uul, Umnugobi, Khuvsgul, Khentii, Khovd aimags, and Ulaanbaatar. This program’s framework will develop handbooks and curriculum for teachers as methodological support and organize advocacy activities in the community to change their attitudes towards disabled children.

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