Teacher Standard


The aim of the current standard is to confirm basic requirements to the content, evaluation, training duration and environment of BA program in general secondary education teaching, ensure the autonomy of higher educational institution, provide opportunities for multi-optional training, and allow acquire a range of teacher competencies that required to meet interests and needs of students. 


The standard sets professional requirements to the content and training environment for BA degree secondary school teacher profession program within the framework of Education Law and Law on Higher Education.

Key terminology and definitions

3.1.       In accordance with the provision 11.2 of the Education Law "higher education standard is the document that defines the content, assessment, teacher’s professional qualities and requirements to the educational institutions.
3.2.       The content of BA degree education in the special professional field will be specified in professional requirements (profile), syllabus, course curricula and teaching practicum program developed on the basis of the current standard.
3.3.       Professional requirements (profile) specifies the purpose, and a range of knowledge, skills and attitudes of the graduates to possess in their required field.
3.4.       The syllabus sets organization and management of higher education program including order, sequence and volume of the courses and types of practicum.
3.5.       Course curriculum is a document that identifies content, assessment, course volume, and textbooks and reference materials that required for gaining a set of theoretical and practical knowledge, skills and attitudes in the field.
3.6.       Teacher is the one who apart from executing a required teaching load that is set by educational institution is also the one that actively engaged in conducting research and providing a consultancy to students. 
3.7.       Attitude is a settled, complex way of thinking and feeling about something and somebody.
3.8.       One credit hour will be 48 hours that is to be considered as a week load for full-time students.
3.9.       Basic education (BE), the initial stage of the compulsory education, is structure of knowledge, skills and values required for the development of a child at the preschool and basic education levels.
3.10.     Basic education teacher is a specialist who possesses a range of knowledge, skills and techniques required for school preparatory stage and basic education level.
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